Lady Zoey
Blackmail: Game or serious? Marriage first!
Blackmail: Game or serious? Marriage first!

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This topic makes your cock hard again, doesn't it? Just the thought of being commanded by me really turns you on again. But you can trust me... or maybe not? Be aware that this is a game with fire once I've got you by your balls. I have high standards, and they want to be served. By paypigs like you. Or will be when I'm done with you. You're gonna do exactly what I tell you to do... Otherwise...well, watch exactly what happens otherwise and how I will make sure you have no choice at all. I warn you, this whole thing is not a game, so think carefully about what you do, because there will be no turning back. And then you have to function 100% the way I want you to in the future, as my will-less marionette. Sink?