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Foot Slave Training
Foot Slave Training

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I spent all day cleaning my apartment in nylons and my van sneakers. I'm sure you can imagine what that means. Since you always have to function as a slave to me the way I want you to function, I'm going to train you to be my foot slave today. I will condition your slave brain to the scent of my feet. This will be burned into your brain whether you stand on feet or not. After this treatment, you will. You will become hornier than ever before when you inhale my feet, and at that very moment you are like a helpless puppet who does everything I want at the snap of a finger. You will become addicted to my stinky feet and nothing will make you hornier in the future than being trained again and again to become a sniffer nose. And it will make me horny to educate you in such a way and to see you become my faithful foot slave and a will-less puppet.

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