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Latex slave education - your head has only space for ME
Latex slave education - your head has only space for ME

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Today I educate you to be MY OWN latex slave. Everything I want, you have to fulfil alone. If you are good and follow my instructions, you will be rewarded with a horny latex surprise. But remember one thing. You don't always get to see the horny latex butt. You have to have earned it. After this video you are completely head fucked. There will only be room in your head for Lady Zoey. I'm not the woman you think about while your wife is lying in bed next to you. I am the woman of your dreams, I am the woman who will make you leave your wife. Hahaha. Because your wife looks fucking bad next to me. I'll give you what you've been craving for years. You will give up everything for me and become my serf latex puppet. I'll burn myself so deeply into your brain that any reason has no place at all, any self-determination has no place at all. Any "but I want to" has no place anymore. You have no more room in your head. Only me!