Lady Zoey
Your duty and destiny
Your duty and destiny

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Hey, little loser. Ready to turn off your mini brain and let your number-crunching dick do your thinking for you? You need it badly again, we both know that. Your pay cock can't wait to respond to my demand for payment! My skin-tight leggings will give you the rest, so that you have no other choice but to pay mindlessly and pay-tail-driven. You have to pay! Paying is your duty and your destiny. You know that nothing will ever change! Sooner or later I will make you dependent on me and my young and horny body. And I'll let you in on another little secret: I'm not wearing any panties right now and these leggings are tight. Very tight. And they fit perfectly to every contour of my body. So what are you waiting for? Buy the video now and follow my instructions. And that's not a request ;)